Ushi-Tei is an all you can eat restaurant of CSZ Group Corp. The founder of the company has more than 20 years of combined culinary experience in Japan and North America. With the constant change of culinary experiences, our founder is in a constant search for new ideas. In his search he encountered Japanese-style smokeless barbeque, and Ushi-Tei was born.

Canva - Matsusaka Beef Meat grilled On the chopsticks fit mouth on charcoal stove and marinated pork ,beef slices with ingredients for cooking grilled BBQ Korean and Japanese food , Recommended dishes in Asia (1)

The Japanese craftsman spirit runs through every aspect of life, including devotion to quality food.

Smokeless barbecue has been popular in Japan for a long time, because it is a novel, stylish and healthy diet. Using fresh and premium beef, so that everyone can enjoy an entertaining, healthy and interactive meal while experiencing the high standards Japanese people have for their food. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal.